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Business Analytics
Brightmetrics Provides Insights!

The most powerful information is useless unless you can easily get it into the hands of people that can use it.

With Brightmetrics, we make it easy to get information to the people that need it in the format that makes the most sense for them. Our entire service is web based. All that is needed is a web browser, a user name and a password. In addition, Brightmetrics offers the most powerful ShoreTel automatic business analytics and report scheduling system in the industry.

Your ShoreTel VoIP phone system isn’t just a phone system. It’s an amazing tool for your company to engage with customers, suppliers, or partners. And unlike many areas of your business, it’s easy to measure how well this tool is being put to use.

Brightmetrics makes it simple by providing powerful all-in-one unified communications reporting & analytics services. With features like drag & drop report building, user reporting, unlimited Brightmetrics users and sites, ShoreTel configuration reporting, and a data analytics engine what's not to love?

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