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Go Beyond Simple Dialtone
Your Phone System Can Be So Much More

Ground-Breaking Collaboration Experience

Tired of juggling separate apps for phone, chat, web sharing and conference calls?

Wish your communications tools didn't require separate logins, dial-ins and passcodes?

Our solutions unifies today's communications on one screen—including IM, video, online meetings, on-the-fly conferencing and more—so your employees, customers and prospects can communicate spontaneously.

You Won't Believe How Quickly Your Workflow Will Improve

The ShoreTel Connect app is a communications toolbox that erases time and distance

It’s never been so easy to stay connected – in all ways you like to communicate today

Check co-worker presence, call, text, conference, video, web share – all from the next-gen ShoreTel Connect App

Keep your contacts, favorites, groups, events and conversations organized and one easy click away

Manage multiple simultaneous conversations, chats and online meetings if you need to – a multi-tasker’s dream

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