Business leaders and CIOs alike are believing more and more that Unified Communications is THE platform to increase mobility, productivity and collaboration; to improve flexibility; and to lower costs. In an article recently released from ShoreTel by Senior VP of Product, Eugenia Corrales, four predictions for Unified Communications in 2016 were made:


1) Mobility Drives Up UCaaS Market

Globally dispersed mobile workforces will drive demand for greater flexibility, IT simplicity, and scalability. As a result, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) will continue to grow at a much faster rate than the rest of the UC market.


2) Hybrid Consumption will become Mainstream

Many companies will still use their existing on-site communication platforms, while taking advantage of new capabilities and applications in the cloud. This will lead to more companies adopting a hybrid model, mixing both on-site and cloud-based solutions. This mix provides the greatest flexibility and a migration path to cloud-based services for the future.

Hybrid also offers companies creative solutions for their business needs. For example, companies may want to keep their voice systems on-site, but have the ability to integrate system functions with employees’ mobile devices for on -the-go access.


3) The Rise of CCaaS

The rise of the Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) will allow businesses to turn on and scale a contact center quickly with minimum capital outlay. Contact center agents will add functions beyond voice and email such as chat, workgroups, mobility, and analytics for greater customization of agent interfaces. This will ultimately increase access to relevant data and improve customer experience.

With this cost effective contact center technology available, small to medium businesses will take advantage of capabilities that were not practically available to them before.


4) New Ways to Collaborate

In the continuous search for productivity, organizations will move to increasingly powerful collaboration tools which they can integrate with their communication platform. New collaboration capabilities will continue to enable virtual work groups to share and store information and support a natural flow between instant messaging, onsite and mobile phones, and video conference communications. Desktop and file sharing without the need for opening multiple applications or remembering multiple passwords will be an important feature for businesses.


In summary, integrating various forms of communication to accommodate today’s multi-generational, mobile, remote workforces has become important to most organizations. Especially since laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and even the Apple Watch are being used as communication devices for business. Early adopters of this technology will stay ahead of their competition through greater cost effectiveness, business responsiveness, and employee productivity.

What do you think of these four predictions for UC in 2016? Do you see the growth in new and expanded cloud-based and mobile applications Corrales said to watch for? Maybe it’s time you make the necessary upgrades to your business phone system to keep up with these emerging and leading technologies? If so, contact us today at 1-800-77-MILLS. We would be glad to walk you through the customized solutions which will benefit your business the most!


Source: ShoreTel Blog: “Four Predictions for Unified Communications in 2016,” by Eugenia Corrales, Senior Vice President, Product | January 5th, 2016